We wanted to be different, we set a goal to make the best set up we could possibly come up with! Our shocks look different, our valving is different, and our bodies are custom made. Everything is made right here in the USA with the highest grade materials. These are not copied shocks and are built for racers by racers. Nothing else on the market can compare and you will feel the difference!

What sets us apart from the other shock brands?
1. Bigger bodies and bigger canisters = more oil and cooler temps.
2. The external lines act as a heat sink to cool the oil as it goes back and forth.
3. Our shocks are completely custom and made in the USA.
4. Our pistons and shim stacks are different than anything on the market. Making our valving one of a kind.
5. We have an easy adjustable crossover.
6. We use a special oil that doesn’t break down as fast and really helps with stiction
7. We are trying to offer the best customer service in the business.
8. Every set of shocks sold, gets free test and ride days with us to dial them in to your liking. (Can’t find that anywhere else)
9. Every shock has a vin number that can be identified. If your quad was stolen and they try to sell the shocks you would be able to find them.